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natural sounds from the meta-verse
Shiro: re-immagining nature
digital sound installation
Commissioned by:
M.O.B (Art collective) 

shiro screenshot.jpg


Net/ture generates around the idea of creating a digital ecosystem of sounds that represent a real forest fauna 

the players can interact with the sounds of the installation in the metaverse chat of through a specific set of words 

the connection to the chat is made connecting the software touch designer to via irc setting and with a web socket picking as inputsignals only the words that we are interested and converting this signal in to midi

all sounds are made using a combination of VCV rack (for the birds) and Pure data for all the rest of the forest ( insects and nature) NO recording of any sort is been used


Mysteriet i parken
The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Untold Garden, Sweden
Commissioned by:
The Swedish Museum of Natural History


An animal has unexpectedly escaped from the museum and is now moving freely in the surroundings… What kind of a mysterious animal is it? Together with the fox, the participant gets to look around the museum's green park, Vegaplatsen. Find the animals in the park and answer questions from, for example, the field hare, the bumblebee and the cat owl, and you have a chance to see the secret animal!


Facts about the Swedish Museum of Natural History The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a state authority and Sweden's largest museum. We want to increase knowledge about nature and inspire responsibility for our world. That is why we research and disseminate knowledge and experiences. When it leads to fascination and lifelong commitment, we have succeeded.

Integrated in Unity with Wwise

Sound design in Reaper

Apparatus Ludens 2021
Young Swedish Design 2021 Touring exhibition
Untold Garden, Sweden
Untold Garden
Apparatus Ludens 
Young Swedish design 2021



Apparatus Ludens is an interactive film / digital sculpture. Your exploration of the world reveals content: fragments of previous visitors jumbled with your online footprint, personalized ads mixed with those of others, recommended YouTube videos infiltrating the materiality of the world, Instagram posts of strangers glitch through the foliage, while the landscape slowly deteriorates into noise.


Pure data integration

The final version of the project uses Pd to create 2 tools the morphing soundscape and the granular synth object. 

The soundscape

uses the viewer's location to activate and de-activate the different chords combination.

15 different oscillators set to different tempos are triggered on and off by script in unity.

the granular synth

Used in 1 specific object, it uses raycast to determine the distance from the viewer to the object and uses the value to modify the grain size of the synth on pd, consequently destroingthe sound the sample used in the synth. 

Synthesis in vcv rack

All designed sounds for the installation have been created using a modular synth patch in Vcv rack

the idea was to create a real "like" organic environment using synthesis, to recreate a a feeling of been in a simulated environment.

In the videos you will find the timeline of how the birds and ambience sound were crated.


Vattenriket is a marshland and nature reserve in Kristianstad, southern Sweden, with a popular visitor centre standing on poles out in the water. In 2020 we were commissioned by the local municipality to create an augmented reality experience for their visitors to learn more about the local fauna.


Silurus 2020 
AR game app
Untold Garden, Sweden
Available on the

Commissioned by:
Vatterniket reserve


We created a narrative driven by the individual characters of the animals, that bring you on a journey incorporating game elements, educational parts and a lot of silliness. Our goal was to create an as accessible experience as possible, something that a seven year old, a teenager, and their grandparents would all enjoy. We achieved this through a minimal UI where all action is driven by the animal characters and their dialogues, including the technical aspects of the experience.

Sound design and folly by Andrea Abbruzzese 

UX and narrative developed together with Lovisa Karlsson of DRY Design

Sound recordist Patric Aberg


Screenshot 2021-02-25 185108.jpg
Silurus icon.jpg
Annotation 2020-07-20 005204.jpg

Horizon Zero Dawn

Below back Growl 1
Below back Growl 2
Below back Growl 3


Wwise demostration

Implementing sounds with wwise

Below back Growl 4
Below back Growl 5

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Interactive audio & game audio



Pure data logo.png

Max msp

Touch Designer

professional audio post production skills background

studio recordings 

Experience in sound recordings in studio with high-end recordings hardware 


  • Reaper 

  • Protools

  • Ableton 

  • Audition

field recordings 

Long term passion in field recordings, currently part of my freelance job skill  

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